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The electronic gift card concept is quickly becoming the medium of choice for retailers across the country. Among the significant reasons are: No cash back (value remaining after partial redemption stays on the card, ensuring additional opportunities to solidify the customer relationship or retain funds) and real time data capture (virtually eliminates both the losses associated with paper gift certificates and costly tracking and accounting). Gift card transactions are processed in real time and may be used immediately after activation. Electronic gift cards are convenient (carried in wallet with other plastics), secure (cannot be photocopied) and as a branded "billboard in a wallet" establishes the merchant as the destination. With Focus Gift Cards, a merchant will gain more name recognition and exposure in the marketplace, further widening its existing customer base.

Integrated Gift Cards

Integrated Gift Card processing with Focus allows for quick and easy sale and redemption of gift cards.

High Speed Transactions

Gift Cards can be processed through a high-speed Internet connection resulting in 2-3 second authorization times.

Reload Gift Cards

Additional money can be reloaded (added) back onto the card thus saving the cost of purchasing another card.

Gift Card Reports

Gift Card Reports display activations and redemptions for individual gift cards. Additionally, Internet based reports can be viewed depending on the gift card processor selected.

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